Thursday, 2 April 2009


Just watched the latest Jean-Claude Van Damme film. Now, I know what your thinking. Jean-Claude Van Damme, star of Universal Soldier, Universal Soldier: The Return and the forthcoming Universal Soldier 3: The Next Generation. John Woo's unintentionally hilarious 'Hard Target' (haircut, music, slow mo!) and the quite frankly awful Street Fighter Movie. So you wouldn't sit down to watch the latest incarnation of the 'muscles from Brussels' with much expectation.

But you'd be wrong.

JCVD sees Van Damme playing himself, in a fake autobiographical film of his life. Struggling for cash following a child custudy case, he returns to his native Brussels to get himself together. Upon returning he enters a post office to withdraw some cash, which unbeknown to himself is being robbed. He becomes mistaken as the perpertrator by the police and a media swarm insues. There is no action fighting sequences, just fine thespian acting from Van Damme, including a 5 minute monologue where he apologises for all the mistakes hes made in his life. Moving and laced with in-jokes on Van Dammes previous action films (John Woo gets a toasting), JCVD is an highly enjoyable watch. Its refreshing to see an actor re-inventing himself to such a impressive degree on screen, and giving a heartfelt account on his own career. I highly recommend you check it out for yourself.

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