Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Multi-monitor on Mac Laptops

I like monitors - the more the better. When working with sound and picture, you need to have a big workspace for Pro Tools; a monitor for your edit window, one for you mix window, and another hooked up via firewire to output your video. I've been working with a extra monitor hooked up to my Mac Book via the mini DVI out which is great, but its not ideal having the macbook screen for my mix window, as its relatively small. I want another big monitor, and after a bit of research I discovered this great gadget from Matrox.

it may only 'stretch' the desktop on to a extra monitor at a set resolution, but who cares when you can have a nice big workspace! I'm very excited by this, and theres also a variety of other products at a better price, particularly this one by Gefen. I will be trying to get my mitts on one of these very soon, and will report back when tested......

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