Tuesday, 26 May 2009

PPMulator Moves Home

I've been using PPMulator for a very long time now, firstly in its VST form and more recently in its RTAS upgrade for Pro Tools. For those of you who haven't heard of this wonderful plug, it enables the user to monitor the output of your audio at the standard BBC PPM scale - a real helpful tool when working in post-production. Although you are able to set Digidesigns Phasescope to BBC PPM scale, nothing quite beats those little dials bouncing back and forward. The cost saving from this little plug compared with a hardware unit is phenomenal - and I've always found it a reliable and essential part of my signal chain.

The manufacturers of PPMulator+, Raw Material Software, have just announced that they are to hand over distribution and development of the plug-in to Z-Plane, who are widely regarded for their high quality time stretching algorithms and plug-ins.  So lets hope that they are able to add even more exciting features to one of my favourite plugs, and the same level of customer care and support I've enjoyed from the boys at Raw Material for the past years!

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